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What is a Mikrotik?
Mikrotik is a Latvian company that develops network hardware and software products for a wide range of uses. This App is designed to work with their range of wifi routers.

 Do I need to buy a Mikrotik wifi router? And can I use another brand, such as Cisco or Netgear?
Yes and no. LANwize is simply a client application, it does not work without a Mikrotik device to implement firewall rules. It only works with Mikrotik hardware as it utilizes the Mikrotik API. Mikrotik have a complete range of devices to suit anyones budget.

I have installed the App but cannot connect to the Mikrotik device
Please follow the Getting Started section in the help menu.
If you are still unable to connect, make sure you are connected to the same network and that your configured IP address, user and password, match the ones you set on the Mikrotik. You may try to test the connection by accessing the Mikrotik IP address in your Internet browser to verify you have connectivity. Or you may also use the Winbox client.
Also make sure that the API service (port 8728) is started. Using Winbox, go to IP -> Services -> api
and that you are not blocking traffic with a INPUT firewall rule.

Can I manage my home network while I am away?
Yes. There is a roaming switch in the settings menu that allows you to switch to a public IP, assuming that you have a fixed public IP address and have configured it properly in the External IP Address field. Please also note that you must add the necessary configuration in your Modem to allow access from the public network. Please refer to the help section.

Can I change the order of the user list?
Yes, simply long press on one of the user rules until prompted. This will allow you to drag the user to a new position. Admin users will always be placed at the top of the list and cannot be moved.

Is there a limit on the number of firewall rules that can be added?
The Lite version has a limit of 3 active rules. You may add more, however you cannot administer more than 3 at a go. This allows you to test its full functionality and compatibility with your device.
The Full version has no limit and you may add as many as you need.

Can a user bypass the firewall rules?
LANwize implements firewall rules based on the device MAC address. It is only possible to change the MAC address on rooted devices. However, if the MAC is changed, it will appear as a new device in the connected list and you can simply re-add it. It is far more trouble for the user to change the MAC every time, than it is to add it back to the list.

Can I have a second wifi router connected?
Ideally you have one wifi router, the Mikrotik, and use simple repeaters to extend your wifi range. If you still need to add a second router, make sure it is set in bridge mode and its Ethernet cable connected to one of the LAN ports on the Mikrotik. That would ensure that the Internet traffic for the second router passes through the Mikrotik, so that the firewall rules will still apply to users who connect to this secondary router. In this case, the secondary router does not need to be Mikrotik brand.
Also make sure that you have disabled the wifi feature on your modem, if it has one, so that users do not bypass the Mikrotik.

If I install the App on another device, will I have to enter all the firewall rules again?
No. All the firewall rules are saved on the Mikrotik device. The app only saves the login authentication details so that you don't have to enter them every time, everything else is stored on the Mikrotik device. Therefore, if you re-install the app, clear its cache or install it on another device, once it connects to the Mikrotik, it will read all the details and display them on the main screen.

What happens if I forget my Mikrotik password?
The password is saved in the Mikrotik device along with all other information. If you forget it, you may need to hard reset the device and begin with a default configuration. This will require that you re-add all the devices to the list.

Can I purchase the App once for two devices?
Depends. If both devices use the same Google account, than yes. However, if the devices have different Google accounts, you will need to purchase a second copy for th
e second device.

Does the App collect personal details?
No. The App was designed to assist parents and guardians in controlling the Internet usage of their kids. We are not interested, and do not need to know who you are, as this is unrelated to the functionality of the App and we do not participate in any intrusive marketing campaigns. In fact, the App installation will only request network and Internet access. No access to your contacts, accounts, GPS location, etc.. will be requested.
The only information that may be sent, is a snippet of the error stack, should the App crash abruptly. We will use this to improve our App and solve any bugs that may arise. Other than that, we fully respect your privacy. :-)

Do you offer remote support or onsite support?
We are the developers of the App only. The Mikrotik hardware does not belong to us and we do not have any affiliation with Mikrotik.
If you need onsite support to install your Mikrotik or diagnose a network problem, you will need to contact your local IT technician. With regards to the App, we have provided all the information required to configure and maintain it. If you still have trouble, please send us an email on and we will do our best to assist you.

Is there a version of the App on Apple store?
Currently, we have only launched an Android version. However, we may release a version for IOS in the future, depending on the demand.