With 18 years experience in the field of I.T. infrastructure and networks, LANwize was conceived out of a growing concern amongst parents, as how to protect their children from this new trend of 24/7 online mobile devices.

Many parents and guardians do not afford hiring IT specialists and high-end equipment to control their childrens Internet habits. Thus, many resort to either physicaly unpluging their wifi routers/modems or demanding that mobiles and tablets are handed over, which is far more challenging then it seems, as I am sure you already know that!

We, at MeOnThe.NET Technologies, having children of our own, have taken the initiative to identify the most decent and affordable network devices on the market, and exploited our years of I.T. experience, into building a simple user friendly App that would allow non-technical people to setup their own controled home wifi networks at an affordable price.

Both the LANwize app and Mikrotik wifi routers work out of the box, with absolutly no configuration needed. All that we recomend is that a password is set on the device to prevent inquisitive kids from gaining access to the Mikrotik router.

Further information may be found on our FAQ page.

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