LANwize is designed for parents and guardians to allow them to control their children's Internet habits through a simple mobile App and Mikrotik device. 

Mikrotik Wifi routers may be purchased from here:

This App is not designed for IT specialists to configure their Mikrotik devices as it does not incorporate all the features required by IT administrators.

Please try our Lite (free) version before purchasing.
The application masks the technical complexity of firewalls and empowers parents to simply scan for devices connected to their home Wifi network and add them to the control list with one single click.

Once a device is added to the control list with a custom description for easy identification, it may be enabled or disabled as deemed necessary. The application also has an added feature of setting a time schedule for each device, thus allowing Internet usage to be restricted to a specific time period on certain days of the week.
Other features include network Internet connectivity status, individual usage statistics, individual wifi signal strength, and roaming capabilities to allow parents to manage and monitor their children when away from home.

The application implements firewall rules based on the devices MAC address which is a secure method of blocking device traffic.

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